Thursday, September 8, 2011

1970s Decor

I came across two Better Homes & Gardens decorating books from 1975 and 1976. I just love the over-the-top decor in some and the chic pieces I spot in others, such as seating, lighting, patterns. What I love most is that even the loudest, busiest rooms are presented and described as if they're an everyday, understated option. That's the 70s for you.

Kid spaces:

The truly bold:

Sewing centers:

Outdoor spaces:

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aekimchee said...

Yes, I used to enjoy leafing through similar vintage books when I was younger. What strikes me is that, if you have a keen eye for period detail, you have looks represented here running all the way back to the sixties. I think books like these were like a greatest hits collection, a way to get more mileage out of their leftover archive photos from the magazine. Also, do remember, this was commercial style rather than high-end style; if you looked through back issues of Architectural Digest from the same period, you'd find some interiors which could hold their own today. Still, I kind of wish I could live in one of these houses... what a fabulously glam world!